About Us

Welcome to Tough Mind Beauty & Tough Heart Brand - the combination of beauty and fashion to empower you with the strength of the mind and toughness of the heart to take whatever life throws at you. Some may ask why combine the two and our answer is we Dare Be Different & Conquer In Style!

Our logo is a perfect representation of the strong and vibrant beauty & fashion label that we are. Our logo is a bold combination of the mind and heart - two essential elements that we believe help individuals overcome any obstacles that come their way. The abstract splatter designs in our logo represent the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Tough Mind Beauty offer natural skin care products that improves the beauty of the skin while Tough Heart Fashion offer fashionable and functional clothing that boosts your confidence and discipline. Our brand is built on the principles of beauty because we understand beauty is tough but we say Tough is the new Beauty! Our fashion designs are derived from our logo to give a unique and stylish look that is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

We understand that our customers trust us to deliver beauty & fashion-forward looks that make them stand out. That is why our team is dedicated to ensuring that all our products and services meet our customer's expectations. We believe that behind every successful individual is the Tough Mind and the Tough Heart.